Brentwood Blondes

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Lana Clarkson was cast to play the part of Marilyn Monroe in the play Brentwood Blondes on December 12, 2002. She passed two auditions and was thrilled at the prospect of playing her screen Idol on stage. She was enthusiastic about joining the cast as Brentwood's
most infamous blonde.
During the 2002 holidays, I had many chances to talk with Lana
about her characterization of Marilyn.
I gave her my copy of the ‘Misfits’ hoping that it would inspire her.
Despite her hectic schedule she kept in almost constant contact with me. She was devouring the script and was very eager
to start rehearsals in the new year.
Out of respect for Lana and until some resolve is found, I cannot comment on the reasons why Lana was released from the cast of Brentwood Blondes in Mid January of 2003, Her tragic demise was but a few short weeks later. Who could have guessed that this statuesque blonde would be found dead in the home of a very famous man? What had originally began as an exercise of writing dialogue for woman has transmogrified into art imitating life or vice versa. At times it has been awe inspiring and at others a series of shocking realities.
Lana had said to me on more than one occasion
that someday I would write a part especially for her.
Even with the brilliant performances by the entire cast, especially that of Jessica Kiper, who replaced Lana, I cant help but wonder what Lana’s performance might have been. What if any impact it may have made on future events?
Would it have made her happy. What would she have to tell me if she could? Since her life mirrored her characters so closely, I can but no other decision make than to add her to the permanent story of Brentwood Blondes when the play is in final revision.
I promise to give the same depth, compassion and humor that is already intrinsically thematic throughout the play. John Barons 1/17/04