Brentwood Blondes

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Brentwood Blondes is a play that explores the possible existance of an afterworld containing blonde glamour girls who have been killed by famous men. One by one, they arrive. First, the goddess Marilyn - she worthy of one name instant recognition. Then there's sultry Sharon Tate, spawned from the hyper-glam 60's. Next is Nicole, Nicole Brown, of the Simpsons, that Nicole Brown. She captured the heart of a modern day Othello. Was it fame, circumstance, or fate? What will come next for these girls and do they learn anything? What could they have to say....Plenty. Yet, who could be next, will the girls be joined by another Blonde who attracted a rich, famous and powerful man?


NICOLE: "Hey girls!"


NICOLE: "Do you miss it?"

Marilyn: "Mostly on holidays."

SHARON: "Don't forget anniversaries."

NICOLE: "No, I meant fame, do you miss fame?"

MARILYN and SHARON (simultaneously):"No, I mean yes, yes, I mean no!" (They giggle.)

MARILYN: "I don't miss the columnists."

SHARON: "Or the tabloids."

NICOLE: "Or the internet."

MARILYN: "I do miss the feeling that I had done well to be in pictures."

SHARON: "That was a relief. To at least know everyone back home was proud of us."

NICOLE: "I wouldn't know."